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What Is Cyber Liability?

Cyber Liability is designed to protect your company from losses arising from cyber hacks, including first-party (your company) and third-party (your customers) damages. Well-known examples of cyber events include data breaches, ransomware attacks, funds transfer fraud, and phishing emails. Cyber liability has traditionally been associated with network security and malicious software issues. However, with software increasingly embedded into robotics and hardware, mitigation measures need to extend beyond two-factor authentication and network stress-testing. For example, rogue actors can attack individual vehicles or robots, and without proper minimal risk condition protocols, you or your customers might only discover the hack after the damage has been done. Another example could be if a hacker paralyzes the central command function of the fleet, leading to multiple accidents at the same time. Read More

Cyber coverage is fit for any developer or operator
in the automation space and is often contractually required.
Why Cyber Liability With Us?
Protect your systems from malicious cyberattacks with Cyber coverage available on the Singularity Platform.

Protect Operations Cover your robotics operations and fleet deployments with an insurance policy that lives up to the most sophisticated technology.

Control Risk Take advantage of our platform for complete visibility into your risk profile, coverage gaps, and areas of improvement.

Assure Customers Satisfy customer requirements with a suite of automation-friendly insurance policies powered by thoughtfully designed workflows.

Increase Adoption Promote your products and services by working with an insurance partner that eliminates uncertainty and understands risk.

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