Fast Forward to Autonomy with Koop Technologies

Insurance carriers partner with us to underwrite the new world of autonomous technologies and robotics across various domains. Get started today with clients, technology, and data.

Commercial insurance is changing as more autonomous technologies are adopted.

Autonomy brings safety and productivity to many industries but comes with its own set of risks. A clear view of these risks is critical for the insurance industry.

We offer end-to-end solutions for insurance carriers with clients in different industry verticals with our dedicated carrier portal, API, data, and industry expertise. Working together, we underwrite a variety of autonomy use cases, create new insurance products, and handle data-rich claims.


We are always looking for new products and innovative partners to help us serve our clients better. Your insurance company will be able to analyze autonomy and robotics risks using our state-of-the-art technology and specialist approach.


Technology is the key to better processes and results. Our suite of tools powers our partner carriers to take in new data flows, improve analysis capabilities, and bolster underwriting prowess for autonomy insurance programs.


Data is at the core of the insurance business, especially when it comes to new exposure technologies such as autonomy and robotics. Our data sharing capabilities give insurance carriers new datasets for product development, risk assessment, and claims management.