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By Industry

Developers and operators of autonomous farm equipment and robotic systems such as tractors, harvesters, unmanned aerial vehicles, and robotics arms for harvesting, inspection, spraying, and other use cases.
Developers and operators of automated construction equipment such as bulldozers, tractors, excavators, CTLs, and other automated machinery used across different construction sites.
Developers of military vehicles, including leader-follower vehicles, robotic combat vehicles, multipurpose equipment transport, unmanned drones, and more.
Different classes of software and hardware-based educational products and services.
Medical robots assisting with all aspects of healthcare, including nursing automation, monitoring, materials handling, surgery, safety, and other use cases.
Operations using industrial-type independent or collaborative robotics such as AMRs for industrial automation of any scale.

By Industry

Middle-mile and yard solutions powered by automation and freight management technologies.
Robotic systems that automate manufacturing processes such as robotic arms, mobile robots, end-of-arm tooling, articulated robots, and more.
Consumer robotics products and services used in households and commerce.
Robotics-based surveillance, monitoring, and inspection services using unmanned aerial vehicles, ground robots, or software applications with computer vision and data collection.
On-road and off-road use cases, including ride-hailing, shipping, and delivery using robotaxis, trucks, robots, drones, and ships.
Software or hardware-based products and services providing automation of human tasks across various industries and use cases.

By Category

Autonomous vehicles and robots that operate on public roads, including robotaxis, long-haul trucks, box trucks, delivery bots, and shuttles.
Automated vehicles and robots that operate off public roads, such as industrial sites, warehouses, and in the air, including yard trucks, tractors, bulldozers, AMRs, unmanned drones, and other robotic systems.

By Model

Owned Fleets
Companies that develop and deploy automation technologies through a fleet of robots or autonomous vehicles across various use cases.
Non-Owned Fleets
Companies that lease automated vehicles or license autonomous technology to perform a service for their end customers.

By Type

Companies developing self-driving software that integrate AV stacks with base vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) or produce their own vehicles for autonomous driving.
Operators & Fleets
Companies that own or operate autonomous vehicle fleets such as trucks, robotaxis, shuttles, and more. Safety and efficiency are critical to their day-to-day operations of transporting passengers and moving freight.
Manufacturers & Vendors
Suppliers of base vehicles (OEMs), sensors, and other hardware/software required for autonomy. In hardware, manufacturers supply vehicles equipped with sensors and redundancies. In software, vendors supply tools for simulation, machine learning, and more.
Service Providers
Network providers, teleoperators, fleet managers, repair shops, maintenance companies, safety assessors, and others are central to the autonomous technology ecosystem. Technical failures can cause severe business disruption and lead to considerable financial losses.

By Stage

Research & Development
From early-stage ventures to well-funded enterprises doing R&D, companies must protect their assets from third-party liability, damages, cyberattacks, and intellectual property theft. Additionally, companies must protect their employees from workplace injuries, especially during the development and testing of industrial robotics.
Pilot Programs
Developers and operators performing limited trials in controlled environments to test their technology for its intended use case. Some pilots have simpler operating domains such as warehouses, while other programs run on public streets with human passengers. Deployments without proper risk management practices can lead to accidents, resulting in bodily injuries and property damage that can deter fleet rollouts.
With sufficiently proven technology and necessary permits, developers become operators and open their intended service to private customers or public users. At this stage, companies generate real-world performance data to measure risks beyond simulation or pilot tests. The highest level of protection is recommended at this stage to minimize third-party liability, vehicle damage, and business interruption.
Scaling happens when companies experience rapid adoption of autonomous technologies and robotics across their intended use cases. With increased utilization, exposure grows compared to traditional vehicles. Outstanding risk mitigation protocols must be in place to protect developers, fleets, and service providers as fleets are scaled over time.

By Accident

Bodily Injuries
Third-party or first-party losses arising from injuries to people interacting with vehicles or robots.
Property Damage
Third-party or first-party losses arising from damages to vehicles, equipment, or immovable property caused by vehicles or robots.
Operations Interruption
Third-party or first-party losses arising from service disruptions and lost revenue.
Loss of Data
Third-party or first-party losses arising from data breaches, network attacks, or phishing scams directed at a company or its fleet.

By Peril

Software Deficiency
Accidents caused by problems with software performance, maintenance, or development in any part of the vehicle or equipment stack.
Hardware Malfunctions
Accidents caused by problems with hardware component quality, installation, servicing, or redundancy.
Cybersecurity Issues
Accidents caused by software or network vulnerabilities of vehicles, systems, or companies exploited by hackers.
Operational Negligence
Accidents caused by negligence of fleet or system maintenance, updates, care, or operating domain specifications.
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We struggled to explain our technology to traditional insurance companies, and we couldn't get covered on time. Working with Koop was a great experience — they quickly got us the right policy!

Bovi Farming Logistics

Koop looked deeply into our autonomy stack, safety practices, and use case to provide us with competitive coverage. We like their focus on robotics and look forward to scaling with their insurance!

Burro Agricultural Robotics

We have a unique use case, so we need an insurance provider that understands robotics. Koop has become our go-to insurance partner as we scale our business!

Electric Sheep Industrial Automation

We were afraid that insuring our autonomous delivery bots would be a painful process, but Koop helped us without any problems. We are very happy to work with them!

Ottonomy Autonomous Delivery

Besides the great drone coverage we got with Koop, they also provide excellent customer service! If anything comes up with our drone operations, we know we can rely on them!

Paladin Drones Security Drones

Our company is rapidly growing in the automated delivery and vending markets. Koop got us everything we needed to support this growth. I highly recommend working with them!

Tortoise Autonomous Delivery

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