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Singularity Package

Integrated liability coverage engineered for automation and robotics developers, operators, and service providers across all industries and use cases. The package includes Tech E&O, Cyber, Product, and General Liability. Learn More

Technology Errors
& Omissions

Protect your company from technical mistakes and erroneous system behavior, including products and services that may lead to third-party bodily injury, property damage, or interruption of operations. Learn More

Cyber Liability

Protect your company from losses arising from cyber hacks to your systems which could lead to first-party (your company) or third-party (your customers) damages. Learn More

Product Liability

Protect your company from losses arising from defects and deficiencies, including products that could lead to third-party bodily injuries or property damages. Learn More

General Liability

Protect your company from losses arising from accidents on your premises, including offices, warehouses, laboratories, test fields, and more. Learn More

Commercial Auto

Protect your company from losses arising from third-party property damages and injuries to vehicle occupants, including automobiles that you own or lease. Learn More

Inland Marine

Protect your company from losses arising from damages to equipment, materials, or products. This covers damage in-transit, on-land, or during storage at a third-party premise. Learn More

Property Coverage

Protect your company from losses arising from intellectual property theft or infringement, including defense costs if you're accused of stealing intellectual property. Learn More


Protect your company from losses arising from liability exposure with no underlying coverage, or in cases where you need to increase limits for underlying policies. Learn More

Directors & Officers

Protect your company from losses arising from wrongful acts of directors and officers, including lawsuits brought by customers, employees, vendors, investors, competitors, or other parties. Learn More

Employment Practices
Liability Insurance

Protect your company from losses arising from wrongful acts of the employment process, including wrongful termination, sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, and more. Learn More


Protect your company from losses arising from lost wages, medical bills, and rehabilitation costs associated with employee illness or injury. Learn More
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Why Choose Us?

Proprietary Coverage

Access specialized coverage and get the best rates. We engineered a complete suite of proprietary data-driven insurance products. Learn More

Risk Management Platform

Our Singularity Platform has everything you need in one place. From smart apps and APIs to certificate generation and risk matrices, all features are integrated and customized. Learn More

Insurance Benefits

Ease of use, competitive rates, and comprehensive policies - take advantage of insurance benefits to grow your use case with peace of mind. Learn More

Our Expertise
Our team has decades of experience in insurance, risk management, autonomous vehicle engineering, and systems safety.




We struggled to explain our technology to traditional insurance companies, and we couldn't get covered on time. Working with Koop was a great experience — they quickly got us the right policy!

Bovi Farming Logistics

Koop looked deeply into our autonomy stack, safety practices, and use case to provide us with competitive coverage. We like their focus on robotics and look forward to scaling with their insurance!

Burro Agricultural Robotics

We have a unique use case, so we need an insurance provider that understands robotics. Koop has become our go-to insurance partner as we scale our business!

Electric Sheep Industrial Automation

We were afraid that insuring our autonomous delivery bots would be a painful process, but Koop helped us without any problems. We are very happy to work with them!

Ottonomy Autonomous Delivery

Besides the great drone coverage we got with Koop, they also provide excellent customer service! If anything comes up with our drone operations, we know we can rely on them!

Paladin Drones Security Drones

Our company is rapidly growing in the automated delivery and vending markets. Koop got us everything we needed to support this growth. I highly recommend working with them!

Tortoise Autonomous Delivery

We work with the world’s premier insurance partners

Get Covered with Singularity Package

Technology E&O
General Liability

Comprehensive liability coverage for developers, operators, and service providers. Powered by unparalleled technology and industry expertise.

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