Our Company
We are product builders, software developers, data scientists, risk
engineers, and insurance professionals. We are bound by a shared
mission to protect the world from a new generation of risks.
Our Story
It all started with an idea
Automation is changing the world as we know it. The rate of adoption is accelerating, and we expect to unlock hundreds of billions of dollars of value from saved lives and increased productivity in the near future. With automation come new risks, from routine system hiccups to catastrophic fleet outages. They could stand in the way of the mass adoption of automation technologies. We have a vision of how to protect the world from those risks and bring our autonomous future one step closer. United by a passion for building great products and making a tangible impact on the world, our founders came together from the paths least expected and took on the complex world of insurance. Bound by a strong vision, Koop Technologies was established to become the most advanced insurance technology company that will deliver a new generation of insurance products. Read More
Meet The Team
Sergey Litvinenko
Co-Founder Chief Executive Officer
Zak Gazizov
Kamron Khodjaev
Co-Founder Chief Commercial Officer
Jim Duan
Andrew Roth
Director of Insurance
Our Values





Protect the world from a new generation of risks
Our Mission
Our Partner Network
We partner with industry stakeholders to help each other propel the commercialization of autonomous vehicles and robotics. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in joining our partner network or would like to have access to our existing partners.

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We are headquartered
in Pittsburgh, PA
We are headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA - the robotics capital of the United States. We partner with local organizations that share our vision for an automated future.